Why Choose Lemaître’s chocolate truffles?

If you are looking for a tasty chocolate truffle of the finest quality, look no further. We can create the Belgian Chocolate Truffle that is perfect for you.

The standard truffle assortments are produced and packed in our factory under our house brand, Lemaître.
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However, our delicious truffles can also be supplied in a variety of boxes as a private label.

Most importantly, on your request, we can adapt our truffle to suit “your market”.

The milk chocolate flaked truffle and the cocoa dusted chocolate truffle are our best sellers, but it is the additional varieties that we can offer that generate even more interest from your customers. Please feel free to contact us for any question you may have.

Hand in glove holding a truffle

Product Focus

We have been focusing on concept development since 2005. Working closely together with our partners, we look for ways to produce the best possible truffle for “their market place”. We establish long lasting business relationships with our partners in the private label sector, understanding our partner needs and working together with them to create their very own, unique chocolate truffle, tailor-made to the tastes of their local consumer.

Our creativity and our flexibility enable us to provide diversity. Our efficiency allows us to be competitive.

We offer a wide variety of flavours and - subject to minimum quantities – even offer alternatives to flaking or dusting.

Even though our truffles are industrially produced and packed, they retain an artisanal look. Each truffle has a distinctive, hand-made appearance.

  • Truffle flakes being produced
  • Flaked Truffles on conveyor belt
  • Cocoa dusted truffles on production line
  • Large drum of chocolate mixture


The Lemaître assortment offers a complete range of dusted, flaked, double coated and non coated dusted truffles. They are produced in our factory by our 2 dedicated production lines. The dusted and flaked truffles are packed in a ballotin-style box and the crispy variation is packed in a vertical positioned box. Our bulk truffles are packed in cases of 4 x 1 kg.

Complete range of Lemaitre truffle boxes
  • Truffines


    truffle filling,
    coated with milk chocolate,
    milk chocolate flaked

  • Cappuccino


    coffee flavoured truffle filling,
    coated with milk chocolate,
    white chocolate flaked

  • Noir


    truffle filling,
    coated with milk chocolate,
    dark chocolate flaked

  • Crisp Praline

    Crisp Praline

    hazelnut and rice crisp filling,
    coated with mil chocolate,
    milk chocolate flaked

  • Truffes


    truffle filling,
    coated with milk chocolate,
    cocoa dusted

  • Caramel


    caramel flavored filling,
    roasted caramel,coated with milk chocolate, cocoa dusted

  • Marc de Champagne

    Marc de Champagne

    marc de champagne included flavoured filling, coated with milk chocolate, cocoa dusted

  • Cocoa dusted

    Cocoa dusted

    truffle filling,
    cocoa dusted

  • Crispy cocoa

    Crispy Cocoa

    truffle filling with rice crisps,
    double coated

  • Crispy Cappuccino

    Crispy Cappuccino

    truffle filling flavoured with cappuccino and rice crisps,
    double coated

Good to know

Chocolate truffles are sensitive to temperature, especially the cocoa dusted varieties. Transport needs to be temperature controlled. The ideal temperature is between 12° and 18° C. Storage conditions require a stable temperature at all times. Chocolate truffles should not be exposed to direct sunlight and should be kept preferably in a cool and dry place. Shelf life is 12 months from production.

The difference between a Belgian truffle and French like truffle

Private Label

We create your Belgian Chocolate truffle in your packaging.
Your market and your insight are our guide in developing the truffle for your needs.
Your truffles can be packed in a ballotin-style box, packed in our factory, with a minimum order of 50.000 units or they can be packed externally in a box of your choice at a small additional cost. We can supply you with truffles in pouches of different weights which you can insert in a box in your own country.
It is also possible to prepare the truffles in bulk, in cases of 4 x 1 kg bags, to sell in retail or pack in place set boxes.


In order to fully understand the superiority of Belgian Chocolate, we have to go back a long way in history. Chocolate arrived in Europe after Christoffel Columbus’ conquests and slowly, over time, it developed into the fine chocolate we know today. Originally, “chocolate like” products in Europe were manufactured with cocoa beans originating from South-America. Later on, Europe (France, England and Germany) started up cocoa plantations in Africa. This led to these countries manufacturing their chocolate with just one specific type of cocoa bean from just one specific origin. This evolution heavily influenced the flavour and aroma of the chocolate produced. In essence, each country had its own, very specific chocolate taste.


Their consumers became so accustomed to the specific chocolate taste that even today’s consumers are still influenced by these historical developments. A few examples: The cocoa beans used by the French were very bitter - French chocolate is still known today for being very bitter, independently from the % of cocoa solids in the chocolate. The German chocolate has always been known to be extra sweet.

There was of course one special exception to this rule: Belgium! Belgium purchased cocoa beans from its neighbouring countries France, Germany and United Kingdom. This had a very interesting effect on the taste of the Belgian chocolate. Due to the mix of cocoa beans from different origins, the chocolate manufactured in Belgium did not have this singular, monotonous tast

When compared to the chocolate from other chocolate producing countries, in contrast, the Belgian chocolate was very rich in flavours and aromas. That is the full bodied chocolate taste Belgian consumers grew accustomed to, the same rich taste they still appreciate so much today. And as we all know, the love of Belgian chocolate is not limited to the Belgians, it is a worldwide phenomenon!

Meroso Foods has elaborated on this fine Belgian tradition and selected chocolate types made from a mix of cocoa origins. By adapting the mixes to the yearly variations in taste of the cocoa beans, we succeed in keeping a constant flavour throughout the years. Our special mix of cocoa beans makes for a rich pallet of flavours and aromas just waiting to be savoured in the delicious chocolate truffles made by Meroso Foods.