Superior product quality

To guarantee the best possible product quality, we offer lemon and lime juice of the first pression, with a low pulp content. This prevents the bitter taste of the pectines, present in the pulp and white peel of the fruit.

The natural lemon and lime oil present in ReaLemon and ReaLime enhance the fresh, zesty flavor and taste which are typical for freshly squeezed lemon and lime juice.

Our strict quality standards procedures during the squeezing of the fresh fruit and bottling of the juice, guarantee that ReaLemon and ReaLime remain rich in Vitamin C, just like juice from freshly picked lemons and limes.
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A fresh Lemon and Lime

Superior packaging

Lemon and lime juice are very sensitive to oxidation, which can cause browning of the juice, an off-taste and the loss of vitamin C. To avoid this, lemon and lime juice must be packed in a bottle with a sufficient oxygen barrier. Only bottles made in glass and PET with oxygen barrier can guarantee the proper quality and Vitamin C content of the juice - as illustrated in the graph.

Therefore ReaLemon and ReaLime are packed either in glass or PET bottles with oxygen barrier.

As a result, we can guarantee the quality of the juice and Vitamin C level up until the end of the 12 month shelflife.

Vitamin C diagram

  • Empty Lemon bottles ready for production
  • Empty Lemon bottles on conveyor belt
  • Lemon bottles being filled
  • Labeling the bottles

Specific Product Focus

As specialist in the lemon and lime juice market, we can offer ReaLemon and ReaLime in various sizes to satisfy our customers in all different segments: a 250ml bottle for our retail customers, a 500ml bottle for catering customers, and a 10L drum for industrial users.

Different bottle sizes

Good to know:

ReaLemon Lemon juice

‘ReaLemon’ lemon juice has the same characteristics and usability of freshly squeezed lemon juice.

30 ml of ‘ReaLemon’ equals the juice of 1 lemon, so a 250ml bottle contains the juice of approximately 8 lemons.

It is ideal to flavour your sauces and salad dressings, marinades, fish and seafood. It is ideal to use in cold or hot drinks and in preparing delicious desserts. According to good English ‘Pancake’ day tradition, ‘ReaLemon’ is delicious when poured over your pancakes with white sugar.

‘ReaLemon’ is rich naturally in Vitamin C. A minimum level of 150 mg Vitamin C/liter is the legal requirement for pre-packed lemon juice kept until the best before date mentioned. To meet this requirement and avoid oxidation and loss of vitamin C, we make use of glass and PET bottles with oxygen barriers.

Good to know:

ReaLime Lime juice

Limes have an odour similar to lemon but fresher. The juice is as sour as lemon, more aromatic and slightly bitter.

Lime juice gives an exotic touch to refreshing drinks and cocktails, is delicious in marinades, dressings, guacamole, curries and oriental dishes, sorbets, jams and lime pie.

Like lemon juice, lime juice is naturally rich in vitamin C. Lime is famous for the role it played in curing 18th century English sailors becoming known as “limeys”. Scurvy was the plague of sailors until it was discovered that when they received a ration of one lime a day it stopped, and so they earned the nickname “limeys”. While they knew it worked , they did not know why, until scientists discovered vitamin C in 1923 and figured out that it was the vitamin C in the fruit that gave them protection against the disease.

There are essentially two species of limes in common use: the large-fruited Tahitian (‘Persian’) lime and the smaller Mexican (‘Key’) lime.

The Mexican lime has a special bouquet and unique flavour. It is highly aromatic and more intensely flavoured than the Tahitian lime. Mexican limes are however in much shorter supply than Tahitian limes and do not store as well since they dry out quickly.

For ‘ReaLime’ lime juice, only the high quality Mexican limes are used.