Meroso Foods’ ambition is to offer our customers specialty, tailor-made food products, creating long term value for them and all our other stakeholders.

We achieve this bold ambition by consistently keeping our focus on quality, efficiency, flexibility, sustainability and innovation.



Quality has always been a key trait of Meroso Foods’ people and products.

We source raw materials of the best quality. Quality is found again in the high standards followed in the production process and supply chain, and yet again in our customer service.

Attaining BRC and IFS quality certifications since 2001 proves our constant focus on quality throughout the organization.

Efficiency & Flexibility


Meroso Foods is a medium sized company operating in a highly efficient way. Our team, lean and enthusiastic, has a direct approach and a dynamic way of working.

Our production, quality, sales and customer service team work closely together to present our customers tailor-made product concepts, which can be offered under our house-brands as well as under own private label.



Meroso Foods strives for sustainable and ethical business conduct in its organisation and products.

In our organisation

  • Guaranteeing equality and dialogue with an 'open door' approach.
  • Limiting our environmental impact by installing solar panels on our roofs and reducing our waste levels.
  • Holding a SEDEX membership to empower and improve our ethical business efforts.

In our products

  • Offering chocolate truffles with UTZ certified cacoa and RSPO certified palm oil.
  • Developing FairTrade products.
  • Introducing a lightweight, recyclable PET bottle to reduce CO² emission and waste.
  • Developing a 'bio' lemon and lime juice product line containing 100% juice of biological agriculture without additives or preservatives.
  • Using FSC certified cardboard to the highest extent possible in our packaging materials.



Meroso Foods helps its customers in their search for innovative products. Our flexible organization is assisted by a highly skilled quality team dedicated to developing new product concepts. One of our strengths, making us stand out from our competitors, is that we come up with new product varieties and concepts on an annual basis, taking into account consumers’ desires and needs in different markets worldwide.