The truffles produced by Meroso Foods are made with a Belgian chocolate coating and a delicious truffle filling.

We ensure a high quality and a perfect service.

We differentiate by offering a good assortment of standard chocolate truffles topped up with an extensive range of custom made truffles

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You are looking for a tasty chocolate truffle?


You are at the right address! We have the Belgian chocolate truffle you are looking for!

Our chocolate truffles are made with the best of ingredients whilst keeping an eye on trends constantly.

The standard chocolate truffle assortments are either dusted or flaked. The truffles are produced and packed in our factory under our house brand, Lemaître.

Our delicious chocolate truffles can also be supplied in a variety of boxes as a private label. On your request, we can adapt our truffle to suit ‘your market’.

The milk chocolate flaked truffle and the cocoa dusted chocolate truffle are our best sellers.

Specific product focus


We have been focusing on concept development since 2005.

Working closely together with our partners, we look for ways to produce the best possible truffle for ‘their market place’. We establish long lasting business relationships, both in the branded as in the private label sector, understanding our partner needs and working together with them to create their very own, unique chocolate truffle, tailor-made to the tastes of their local consumer.

Our creativity and our flexibility enable us to provide diversity. Our efficiency allows us to be competitive.

Even though our truffles are industrially produced and packed, they retain an artisanal look. Each truffle has a distinctive, hand-made appearance.

Being a specialist in the truffle market, we can offer our chocolate truffles in various weights, forms, sizes and both under our own brands (Lemaître or Délices de Truffes) or as a private label. This to satisfy our customers in all different segments.

You can find more specific information concerning the varieties we offer in each of the subcategories within this section.

Can’t find what you are looking for?

Please feel free to contact us with any specific request you might have.

Good to know


Chocolate truffles are heat sensitive, especially the cocoa dusted varieties. Transport needs to be temperature controlled, ideal is between 17° and 21°. Storage conditions require a stable temperature at all times.

Chocolate truffles should not be exposed to direct sunlight and should be kept preferably in a cool and dry environment.

Shelf life is 12 months from production.

There is a difference between a Belgian chocolate truffle and a French type of truffle.

A Belgian chocolate truffle = extruded filling, coated with chocolate and dusted or flaked

Our truffles contain more than 25% of chocolate and can therefore be legally called a chocolate.

A French truffle = extruded filling which is cocoa dusted

These truffles are legally called confectionery