The lemon juice and lime juice produced by Meroso Foods are made from concentrate sourced from carefully selected suppliers around the world.

We ensure a shelf life of 12 months and a juice consistent in flavour and taste.

We differentiate ourselves and our products from our competitors by offering our customers products combining superior product quality with superior product packaging.

Superior Product Quality


To guarantee the best possible product to our customers, we offer lemon juice and lime juice:

  • Of first pression, with a low pulp content
  • Containing essential lemon and lime oil

Working with these strict quality standards, we are proud to say that all beneficial characteristic of the juice of freshly picked lemons and limes can be found back in our products.

Superior Packaging


The biggest ‘enemy’ of any fruit juice is oxygen. Exposing juice to oxygen can cause oxidation, immediately affecting the quality of the product. It can cause browning of the juice, an off-taste and the loss of Vitamin C.

To avoid this, lemon juice and lime juice must be packed in a bottle with a sufficient oxygen barrier. Only bottles made in glass and PET with oxygen barrier can guarantee the proper quality and the preservation of Vitamin C content of the juice, as is illustrated in the graph to the left.

All Meroso Foods’ products are packed in this type of packaging and as a result, we can guarantee the quality of the juice and Vitamin C level up until the end of the 12 month shelf life.

Next to this, we insert a practical dropper inside the top of each bottle, making it more convenient for the consumer to dispense the juice. There are 2 speeds; drop-by-drop or pouring.

Specific Product Focus


We aim at all users of freshly squeezed juice looking for convenience.

Being the specialist in the lemon juice and lime juice market, we can offer our juices in various sizes and under our own brands or private label. This to satisfy our customers in all different segments.

You can find more specific information concerning the varieties we offer in each of the subcategories within this section.

Can’t find what you are looking for?

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