Belgian Chocolate Truffles

The Lemaître assortment offers a complete range of dusted and flaked chocolate truffles.

Our truffles have a fine truffle filling, coated with the best Belgian milk chocolate and decorated with cocoa powder or chocolate flakes.

All the truffles are produced in our factory on our 2 dedicated production lines: a production line for dusted truffles and one for truffles flaked with chocolate shavings.

Our Lemaître standard assortment contains:

  • 6 chocolate flaked varieties with milk chocolate coating in rectangular ballotin box (Truffines, Cappuccino, Crisp Praliné, Noir, Caramel Salted, Ruby)
  • 6 cocoa dusted varieties with double milk chocolate coating in vertical ballotin box (Cocoa, Marc de Champagne, Hazelnut Crisp, Cappuccino, Strawberry, Toffee)

We also offer a luxury assortment under the Lemaître brand, please ask for the minimum quantities:

  • A 105g rectangular box containing 12 flaked truffles in 3 different varieties
  • A 500g hatbox containing 2 pouches of flaked truffles in 2 different varieties.

Check our detailed assortment brochure here or buy Lemaître online on Bol.com or Amazon!

Our standard assortment consists of .... Please download our brochure at the left side of this page and check the delicious truffles!

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